A picture of an interview being recorded for production.

Video Production

Full HD, 4K, 8K & 16K – no limits!

Not sure what it all means? That’s okay, we can explain. It means that no matter the program, assignment, location or environmental variable, we utilize the right equipment – and skill set – to exceed your expectations. This time, next time, and every time. It means our team will be your liaison to the digital cinematography world, and you’ll have less to worry about. You’ll spend more time being productive, not wringing your hands.

Sony broadcast cameras, Canon high-def lenses, image stabilizers for aerial or land use, lighting, sound, expertise. Everything you’ll need. Always at the ready, all in tip-top condition, all at affordable prices. So, have we filmed “that” yet? Really, what hasn’t our team filmed?

Drone Cinematography

Professional UAS (Drone Remote Pilots), FAA-Licensed

Having spent decades filming aerial scenes for TV and business from
helicopters was truly exciting – and a terrific experience. Once you get
past the rotors, wind blasts, heights, enormous expense of rental
aircraft and pilot fees, that is. The good news? We have FAA-Certified UAS
(Drone) Pilots with over 200 commercial missions flown as of mid-2022.

Cinematic-grade drones gather footage so beautiful and fluid, in true
4K resolution at up to sixty frames per second for awesome slow-motion –
affordably. In addition to the two professional aerial drones, we own two
INTERIOR drones as well. Can’t imagine why? Try having the same fluidity
and motion indoors! It’s spectacular! Call for booking aerial or interior drone
work – with a truly professional team.

Picture of a high-end DJI Camera drone in flight, one of two we operate.

Digital Video Editing

In-House AVID Media Composer Symphony – Full HD, 4K, 8K & 16K

Shoot, edit, duplicate, distribute. Truly digital editing at the speed of thought. Encoding for web-based delivery. All at one down-to-Earth facility. All within your financial reach. Make decisions from YOUR office, or here at The Ranch. View in-progress work over the ‘net. Real-time.

RAID arrays, terabytes of storage, gigs of memory speed your project like never before. Unbelievable quality. AVID digital editing workstations are globally recognized as “state-of-the-art”. AVID Media Composer is the standard of the motion picture and television industries. And it’s right here, in our studios in Boyertown. Small town prices, big city expertise and experience. Why spend countless hours on inferior systems? Play like the major player you are. You deserve it.