• Global Services Portfolio


    This global powerhouse operates over 100 facilities in 40 countries - receiving, scanning, refurbishing and deploying cable boxes, cell phones and consumer electronics. Founded in 1985, they've grown into a multi-billion dollar industry leader, while keeping the corporate culture of a "small family business" at the forefront of their global operations.

  • Thank You

    Lavazza Pro

    This video recognizes the global employees of Lavazza Professional, recipients of the 2020 "10 Safest Companies in the World" honors. Interior and exterior drone footage and lip-synced footage from the company president comprise this short but energetic video. Italian version also created.

  • Charity Fundraising


    Uptown!, West Chester, PA's premier arts venue, needed a new fundraising video. Comprised of previously recorded footage, existing drone footage and newly filmed concert footage, this video also makes use of newly-designed graphics to complete a very successful project.

  • Stories from Vietnam

    These thought-provoking interviews are part of a Vietnam Veterans' historical display in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The interviews were shot using a green-screen background, superimposing the live footage over modified still images from the museum's displays. Moving and insightful, these interviews represent "must-watch" programming. Welcome Home to all our Veterans, from all conflicts worldwide. GRG/USAF

  • COVID-19 Safety

    Best practices as of May 2020. CDC info, made understandable and current.

  • Corporate Promo


    This video promotes a global company's product, engineered to test multiple hardware items at once, saving the end customer time, money and personnel, enabling the customer to be more productive, more responsive and more profitable.

  • The Ultimate Office Hot Drinks Machine

    Mars Drinks

    This video introduces the BARISTA, Mars Drinks' ultimate coffee and espresso "smart" brewing machine. In addition, safe installation and handling practices are discussed for the viewer's safety and ease of placement and use.

  • Safety Procedures and Requirements


    A global company's communications to its employees about safety...a very comprehensive program, well worth the watching.

  • Villa Maria Academy Fundraiser

    Villa Maria Academy

    This video raises awareness and solicits funds to expand the historic school on the Main Line of the western Philadelphia, PA suburbs. The marriage of still imagery, computer animation and live footage allows the viewer to "see" into the future of the fundraiser's goals and upcoming construction projects.

  • Visitor Safety Guidelines

    Lavazza Professional

    This video walks the visitor through the steps to safely enter, work and depart the facility following Lavazza's Global Safety Protocol. Every step is clearly explained, giving the visitor guidance in every aspect of his or her visit to this global giant in hot drinks vending.

  • Awards Gala

    Foundation for Catholic Education

    This video highlights the life-long commitments of educators and staff members of Philadelphia Catholic schools. The video - one of many filmed over the last decade - is displayed at annual fundraising banquets throughout the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

  • UAS Drone Demo

    All video shot from one of our two professional cinematic-grade drones (UAS). We have an FAA-authorized Remote UAS (Drone) Pilot, with current certification card on staff.

  • Catholic Education Spot

    Foundation for Catholic Education

    This series of television commercials promote Catholic schools in the greater Philadelphia area. The scenes of these patriotic, well-mannered and studious children inspire confidence and faith in their educators and parish schools.

  • Comedian Joe Conklin

    CTDI Fundraiser

    This video was recorded for a virtual fundraising event in late 2020. Because of health concerns, personality Joe Conklin was filmed alone in the client's studio. Since no audience was present, it was extra challenging for Joe, but he did brilliantly and made it look easy. No teleprompter, no alternate takes. The laugh tracks were added in editing for the benefit of the audience.

  • Helping Cancer Patients


    This video was created (and is continually updated) for a charitable organization highlights the efforts made on behalf of cancer patients who need transportation to and from medical appointments, provides high-quality wigs and makeovers, and enlists nurse navigators at no cost to the patient.

  • Coating Test for Consumer Cookware


    This video is part of a series of tests designed to simulate real-world abrasion, wear, burning and otherwise misusing a typical coated frying pan in a laboratory for coating evaluation. The series, ten tests in all, were performed in a single day, and the resulting videos are still in use today.

  • Helicopter Aerial Demo

    Can't use a drone for your footage? Good news, we're pros in the sky, too! All footage was shot hand-held, with our special equipment from Canon. No special mounts or attachments to the airframe whatsoever. We have the gear, know-how and experience to make YOUR footage awesome...affordably!

  • Dive Resort Promo

    This video from the early 2000s was shot on Super16mm film, and is fun, beautiful and exciting. While the footage is dated, it shows a great scope of lighting, movement and sea-based, land-based and aerial footage. Unlike most films or videos, the script was developed only after all the footage was shot. A bit backward, but it worked for this project.

  • Volvo Product Launch


    This video combines stills, artist renderings and special effects to illustrate the benefits of a new model in the Volvo global lineup. All special effects designed and employed in my studio, and approved by the client overseas. All work was done "by wire", and no client visits to the studio was made or needed.

  • Car and Bike Show


    Car show...quick-paced, fun music, interesting angles all coalesce to give the viewer an exciting glimpse into the world of collectible cars.

  • Catamaran Yacht Promo

    Video made for a yacht charter company several years ago...shot on Super16mm film, it's a beautiful video with a fun feel. Three awesome weeks in the Caribbean...a dream assignment! Lots of helicopter exteriors, underwater and boat-based footage.

  • 61' Yacht Promo

    Viking Yachts

    Video made for the Viking Yacht company some years ago...great examples of hand-held aerial work.