For decades, I’ve been shooting film and video from aerial platforms like helicopters. NOW, with the acquisition of two cinematic-grade drones, and nearly 100 commercial aerial missions flown, I can affordably service many more clients with professional aerial footage they never thought possible! Send me an email, text or call me for scheduling YOUR aerial footage! (Yes, I’m an FAA-Certified UAS Remote Pilot!)


So, some companies like to push the envelope…CTDI is one of them. Here, we’ve created a Global Capabilities video, customized for each prospective client. Utilizing exterior and interior autonomous DRONE footage, timewarp speed effects and other creative nuances, this client has expanded their image into a “ready-for-the 22nd-century” look and feel. We love it, they love it…hope you do, too!


Here’s the thing: no matter what tools you use, whether for work or play, you need to care for them. This is the basis for this video, shot on location, designed to be short, sweet – and informative. Want a tip? If you have non-stick cookware, watch this short video…you’ll learn some things that are sure to surprise you!


Charitable organizations face unique challenges – time, location and budget to name a few. In this fundraising video, particular attention was placed on delivering viable, high-quality content in an extremely short time, while allowing the client to focus on their message, not the budget. This video was distributed across the internet, as soon as it was produced.  (Video shortened.)


Concept cars, CAD drawings, still photos, multiple time zones and me…a winning combination! Produced entirely without the client in-studio, the project spanned several weeks and thousands of miles. All content was viewed and delivered across the internet, as soon as it was produced.  (Video shortened.)


Client-supplied still footage and photos AND a high-energy format really make for an attention-grabbing trade show video. Produced for a biomed client, this video had but one purpose: get the attention of trade show attendees.  Incidentally, the “white blobs” indicate where a live product was shown behind the transparent video screen – a great opportunity to surprise the viewer.  All content and direction, as well as the video itself were developed and delivered over the internet…a great choice for clients who don’t have the time to travel, but want the very best service, turnaround – and adherence to the budget.


A client with locations across America wants to be in all places at once…how?  Easy.  Call me…we’ll change reality together. Shooting took two days…the host was flown in prior to the group shots, inserted after the shoot in editing.  In other words, most of the “live” conversations were shot without most of the folks actually present in the same room!  Saved a lot of travel money…(Video shortened.)


Documentaries are such a thrill to produce – this one was shot on “green screen”…the backgrounds inserted in studio. The Veterans pictured here are not professionals…they walked in, sat in front of a green screen and told their stories. All the backgrounds were shot as still images, mixed with the live footage, shadows and “out of focus” effects added. Green and blue screen shooting techniques allow for anyone to appear in front of anything – saving money and time. (Video shortened.)


Industrial processes don’t typically evoke serious feeling of excitement, but here’s a seldom-realized truth: no processes, no innovation.  This client is well-known for its non-stick coatings, and is so widely revered they’ve actually changed their name to note their global reach and reputation.  From your frying pan to the bolts that hold offshore oil rigs together, these folks are the epitome of “coating reliability”.  Shooting involved both a typical HDTV studio camera and a GoPro® camera for the “inside the process” shots. (Video shortened.)


Some companies really know how to have a good time…and help their community!  Here’s what transpired one June day… This is one of those great shoots where everything seemed to go according to plan.  The cars and motorcycles came, the people came…and the rain held off!  A great fundraising event for a great cause…and now,  there’s a companion DVD!