Digital Cinematography in Full HDTV

High-Definition…1920×1080…progressive or interlaced. Solid state – NO more tapes.

Not sure what it all means? That’s okay…I’ll explain. It means that no matter the program, assignment, location or environmental variable, I’ll utilize the right equipment – and skill set – to exceed your expectations. This time, next time…every time. It means I’ll be your liaison to the digital cinematography world, and you’ll have less to worry about. You’ll spend more time being productive…not wringing your hands.

Sony broadcast cameras, Canon high-def lenses, image stabilizers for aerial or land use, lighting, sound, expertise. Everything you’ll need. Always at the ready, all in tip-top condition, all at affordable prices. So…have I filmed “that” yet? Really…what haven’t I filmed!

Robin Shooting in Turkey Budweiser Pickup Truck Viking 61 Sport Yuengling Beer Ad

President Bush Underwater Footage Aerial Footage Superformance COBRA