In-House AVID Media Composer 2019 Symphony – Full HDTV, 4K, 8K

Shoot, edit, duplicate, distribute. Truly digital editing at the speed of thought. Mastering to high-definition Blu-Ray, DVD or CD. Encoding for web-based delivery. All at one down-to-Earth facility. All within your financial reach.

Make decisions from YOUR office, or here at The Ranch. View in-progress work over the ‘net. Real-time.

RAID arrays, terabytes of storage, gigs of memory speed your project like never before. Unbelievable quality. AVID digital editing workstations are globally recognized as “state-of-the-art”. AVID Media Composer is the standard of the motion picture and television industries. And it’s right here, in MY studios in Boyertown.

Small town prices, big city expertise and experience. Why spend countless hours on inferior systems? Play like the major player you are. You deserve it.

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