Aerial Cinematography – Professional UAS (Drone) Remote Pilot

Having spent decades filming aerial scenes for TV and business from helicopters was truly exciting, and a terrific experience. Once you get past the rotors, wind blasts, heights, enormous expense of rental aircraft and pilot fees, that is. Now, however, I’m an FAA-Certified UAS (Drone) Pilot with nearly 100 commercial missions flown as of mid-2019. Cinematic-grade drones gather footage so beautiful and fluid, in true 4K resolution at up to sixty frames per second for awesome slow-motion – affordably. In addition to the two professional aerial drones, I own two INTERIOR drones as well. Can’t imagine why? Try having the same fluidity and motion indoors! It’s spectacular!
Call me for booking aerial or interior drone work with a true professional.
(See my “Samples” page for aerial work examples.)