Award-Winning Cinematographer in Video and Film

With experience on five continents and over thirty countries, my more than thirty years as a cameraman in all film and video formats, I’m the right choice for your important project.

Since 1981, I have filmed and taped thousands of programs, including live broadcasts for many major broadcast television and cable networks, episodic television, documentaries, TV commercials and sales programs for manufacturers and businesses.  My clients are from all walks of the business world – global manufacturers, brewers, biomed and pharma, service organizations, consulting firms and more.  I’ve filmed for my clients in five continents and more than thirty countries.  I’m also a specialist in aerial and underwater work, in both film and video, and own the right equipment for nearly any assignment on Earth.

From Australia to India to Japan to the Caribbean, I have been there, and done that. With over thirty years’ experience in film and video, there’s not a shoot that I haven’t done – and done well.   Need a real pro?   Call me: 610-656-0827.   Have passport, will travel!

Robin Shooting in Pakistan Made in America Concert Senator / Presidential Candidate McCain Robin Shooting in Pakistan

Made in America Concert Vice President Gore Underwater Footage Budweiser Tap